Blinds And Window Cleaning Services Across Pottsboro And Nearby Areas

At B&B Window Cleaning our priority is making our Customers happy. Only Happy Customers will call us back and refer us to their friends.

When you want a Window Cleaning service it’s usually for general maintenance of your windows. Removal of life’s normal buildup of grime such as dust, dirt, spider and bird droppings also build up from candles, cooking, laundry and your heating and A/C systems.

At B&B we only use Biodegradable professional cleaning solutions. Safe for your family, home and pets.

Whether you want your inside and outside windows cleaned or just the outsides, we will clean the tracks, frames and inside windowsills and remove and brush your screens. Removing your screens and hand washing them is also provided at an additional charge.

The first question a Customer asks is “how often should they have their windows cleaned.” We recommend twice a year for a general maintenance program.

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New Construction Cleaning

B&B offers new construction cleaning, for the Home Builder/Contractor or the homeowner after you’ve had painting or a remodel job in your home.

We will clean the frames, tracks, sills and glass of paint, stucco, stickers, silicone and most debris your builder may have left behind.

At B&B, we have had years of experience in removing debris without damaging your windows. We use only the proper tools and skill. After all we want our Customers satisfied.

A Customer who is not happy, Homebuilder or Homeowner, will not call us back.

Please call Brad today for Free price quote, 972-824-5726

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B&B Window Cleaning offers other Cleaning Services; (for an extra charge.)

  • Power Washing, for your home, decks and patios.
  • Blinds, hand washed.
  • Shutters, hand washed.
  • Ceiling Fans, with and without light fixtures, hand washed.
  • Light fixtures, hand washed.
  • Mirrors.
  • Window tracks, we open the window and hand wash the tracks.
  • Screen Washing, screens are removed, hand washed and rinsed.
  • New Construction Cleaning.
  • Window Tinting, Privacy and Security Window Films using quality LLumar Window Film.
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